Zika Virus: Ways to protect yourself

Zika Virus disease ways to protect yourself
72 cases of Zika Virus so far in Jaipur
By Priyanka Minj

In Jaipur the number of people diagonised by Zika virus has already risen up to 72 cases, with fresh batch of new cases coming up. Those who are already affected by it, for them treatment is the only option left. Those who have not fallen prey to it yet, for them prevention is better than cure.
Zika virus disease is mainly transmited by the Aedes mosquitoes, the mosquito is the carrier of the virus. Most people with Zika virus do not develop any symptoms and those who do the symptoms are generally mild. It includes mild fever, rasg, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, headache and so on. The symptoms lasts mainly for 2-7 days.
In pregnant women, the Zika virus infection mainly causes microcephaly and other congentital abnormalities in the fetus and newborn. There can be complications arising out of it like still birth, loss of fetus and premature birth.
In adults the virus triggers Guillain-Barre syndrome, neuropathy and myelitis.
World Health Organisation (WHO) advises and stresses a lot on prevention and control of mosquitoes. And that could be done by attacking the very source itself. Removal and modification of the breeding grounds is the start. During outbreaks, health authorities are advised about spraying of insecticides. Insecticides recommended by the WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme may also be used as larvicides to treat relatively large water containers.
On personal level a number of precautions could be taken by common people and special care should be taken by the pregnant women. Following are some of the ways through which you could protect yourself from the disease.