Yokohama’s Dance Dance Dance 2021 ends after three months

Many people dancing

It was the first Dance Dance Dance event held since the pandemic began

Yokohama, Japan, October 21: Every three years, Japan’s coastal city of Yokohama hosts a three-month-long event called, “Dance Dance Dance,” which ended on Sunday, October 17. 

Throughout the event, new participants gather to showcase their amazing performances on various open area stages spread across the city. The dancers go beyond the borders of age, gender, nationality, disabled, professional and some are even amateurs.

An organising member of the Yokohama art festival, Toshiki Tsuchida, said that due to the

Coronavirus pandemic, artists who have few places to be active can perform, and citizen dancers who have no place to dance can perform. 

Tsuchida said that since Yokohama is a port city, it has embraced various people and cultures. The idea of performing all kinds of dances, including ballet, contemporary dance and street dance sends a message of tolerance and inclusiveness. 

In a special performance, a group of people with hearing disabilities and normal artists performed a dance that used sign language. The Yokohama Bayside Ballet group performed classical ballet at night on a special outdoor stage against the backdrop of the night view of the city.

There was a performance by a group of professional freestyle football performers who mesmerised the audience. Marco Cub, one of the freestyle footballers said, “We think it was fun and interesting for visitors; I would like them to take this opportunity to practice with a soccer ball, so they think about it and play. That will make the world feel better. ”

-With inputs from ANI