World Psoriasis Day 2020: Certified dermatologist Dr. Navya Handa puts forward useful tips to combat Psoriasis in the advancing winter

World Psoriasis Day 2020: Follow These Expert Recommended Tips To Manage Psoriasis During Upcoming Winter

Photo: Ndtv

Edited By: Anushua Aich

World Psoriasis Day is perceived on 29 October every year. On this day several activities are held across the world to create cognizance about this skin condition. Psoriasis is a severe, autoimmune inflammatory disease which causes dry red and itchy patches on the skin. This condition is known to be recurring for a few weeks, causing inflammation and then subsides for a while. This cycle repeats itself from time to time. Winters make psoriasis indications worse as cold winds, low humidity draws out the moisture from the skin, resulting in even increased, chronic dryness. On the occasion of the World Psoriasis Day, Dr. Navya Handa who is a Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Max Hospital shares tips to fight psoriasis during the winter season.

Here’s a video that chronicles Dr. Navya Handa’s few useful tips to combat Psoriasis in the upcoming winters: