US Election update

image source: The India Express

Trump and Biden keeps chasing for votes, Harris claims her patriotism

More than 70 million people have already casted their votes in-person or through mail ballots, according to the University of Florida’s US Election Project.

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Kolkata, October 29, 2020: In an interesting turn both the election contestants, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are going after the states that are known to be supporting their rival parties.

Biden earlier had promised for free vaccines in his election campaign but also declared yesterday that he won’t be promising of curing the pandemic like the “flip of a switch”. Trump had earlier promised to “vanquish the virus” in one of his election campaigns. Biden’s saying that went viral was “the difference between Trump and me is I believe in science” referring to Trump’s denial of climate  change. Trump accused the social media companies and mainstream media to have hidden Biden’s corruption charges and that is an infringement of press freedom.

Democratic Vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris said that she is a proud American and her patriotism will reflect in her work as she rejects the Republican corruption and suppressing of socialist agenda.

While in Arizona

Trump suddenly praises the Arizona Member of European Parliament, Nigel Farage for creating a model for the pandemic. Harris on the other hand says during her speech in Arizona that “everything is at stake” and criticized Trumps handling of the COVID pandemic.

news source: The Indian Express