Two-faced Pakistan: Rohingya Muslims discriminated

Where Pakistan has been making a cry over the persecution of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar government in Rakhine, on the other hand, the Rohingya Muslims residing in Pakistan have been living in awful conditions.

Pakistan is a home to 40,000 and 2,50,000 Rohingyas. It has lodged a protest against Myanmar government for its treatment of the minority. But being a Muslim-majority country, Pakistan has itself been failing to provide the ethnic minority with basic facilities.

A Rohingya based in Karachi‚Äôs Arakan Abad area said “I am a Rohingya, but a Pakistani Rohingya. I speak Bengali and that is why most people call us Bengali in our area. They don’t accept us as Pakistanis”. The Rohingya are an ethnic minority in Myanmar. They are not officially recognized by the government as citizens and for decades they have been subjected to discrimination and violence.

Apart from Myanmar and Bangladesh, Rohingya are settled in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.


((Riti Sareen, NewsEye))

Source: Business Standard