Twitter reacts to #RaGa entering ladies’ toilet in Gujarat

Rahul Gandhi accidently entersladies toilet (Left) Source: India Today

Rahul Gandhi is creating ripples all across Gujarat with his witty one-liners criticising the Modi-government.
His campaign was free of his infamous gaffes – until today, when he accidentally entered a ladies’ toilet in Chhota Udepur district.
Rahul was in the district for his ‘Samvad’ event to interact with young people.

The social media users took it as another opportunity to troll the youth icon. One of the twitter handle sarcastically remarked that RaGa went inside the toilet when the crowd started chanting Modi Modi.

After the event, while on his way out of the town hall, Gandhi stepped into the ladies toilet. Incidentally, there was no sign differentiating it from the one meant for men.
However, there was a poster in Gujarati that read ‘Mahilao Mate Shauchalya’.
Sources said that Rahul entered the ladies toilet as he could not read Gujarati.

Following the incident, the SPG that accompanied Rahul dispersed the media persons who had gathered outside the toilet on hearing about the blunder.
Locals at the venue said that immediately after Rahul came out of the toilet people burst into laughter. The entire scene was recorded by media persons present there.


Saumya Dixit