Transgenders, Acid Attack Victims get jobs in Delhi’s HC

Acid attack victims Nasreen Jahan (38), Sapna (25), Kamar Jahan (27), Shobha, Mamta (29) and transgender Babli (29) have received jobs at Delhi’s High Court. They have been given clerical jobs as per their qualification.

A judicial officer who did not wish to be named said, “we have taken this step, not only to give them a job, but to give value to these people.”

This gesture was taken after Acting Chief Justice Giti Mittal was alerted to their situation in a proposal sent by the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA)

“All of them had faced discrimination and failed to get jobs due to their physical condition, which had prompted the DSLSA and the High Court to intervene,” the official said.

Babli, the transgender, said she was forced to leave her home due to her gender which was not acceptable even to her family members. “No one gave me a job because of my gender.”

Mamta said that usually, acid attack victims face discrimination while trying to get jobs. Shobha is the youngest amongst the group and considers herself lucky after getting employed in the Delhi HC. Kamar got married in 2009 but her husband left her and she was attacked by his second wife and her relatives. Sapna was attacked by a man that she refused to marry. Nasreen is the mother of two and a divorcee, her husband attacked her while they were six months into the divorce.

Transgenders and acid attack victims continue to be social outcasts due to their changed identities and faces. The six who have received jobs had approached government bodies for jobs before but their efforts were ineffective. The source mentioned above has gone on to say that they are happy with getting jobs in the Delhi HC.

In a 2013 court ruling which aimed to regulate the sale of acid, the court said that acid should be sold only to people who show a valid identity card. Buyers will also have to explain why they need the chemical and sales will have to be reported to the police.

However, the sale of acid is still in a free flow in various areas all over the country where bottles are sold for the purpose of cleaning. It is possible to buy bottles that range from 30 – 100 rupees. Thousands of attacks are carried out each year with the majority of them being directed at women. The women who are attacked suffer from chronic depression, live in isolation or commit suicide due to the effects that an acid attack carries.

In 2014, the courts ruled that transgender would officially be identified as a ‘third’ gender, finally recognizing the gender officially.

Source: Press Trust of India, Hindustan Times, Homegrown

By: Aayesha, KAGA News