Tillerson visit elicits mummers from Su kyi

Nobel Laurete Aang sang Su Kyi says ‘She hasn’t been silent during the Rohingya crisis.’ According to an AFP report. The statement comes during US secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Myanmar where he has expressed concern over the ‘horrific conditions’ in Myanmar, stopping short of terming it ‘ethnic cleansing.’

Rights groups and activists have been calling for the world community to recognize and condemn her role in this regard. Mark Framaner, director of the Burma Campaign UK an organization that’s been advocating for Human rights in Myanmar since 1991 said Su Kyi was complicit in what the UN and the British PM Theresa May have already termed ‘ethnic cleansing.’ According to the Gaurdian “he said the Nobel peace prize winner had “authoritarian tendencies”, and used repressive laws to restrict freedom of expression, pointing out that she had refused to free political prisoners, one aged 14.”

While it’s technically true that Su Kyi hasn’t been silent over the issue. Her speech in September regarding the crisis was filled with half truths and complete fabrications that spoke of “due process” and condemning “all human rights violations” without acknowledging state violence.

Additionally, the Rohingya army cleared itself of blame in a report yesterday.

Sidharth Ravi