There is nothing NEW

One of the biggest problems with Bollywood films is the the monotonous, repetitiveness in concepts. In most bollywood films show the female character in a flippant way. The hero in most cases happens to be either the son of a millionaire falling in love with a poor but exteremely poor girl or about a son who belongs to a poor family falling in love with a very rich and pretty girl.

The love of course happens at first sight but our heroine does not value the love of our so-called hero.. BUT our hero does not give up. He  would loiter around our heroine for day and sometime months, stalking, passing cheap comments which are tagged as great dialogues and despite receiving rude comments, ignorance and requests from our heroine, he would not give him. Thus, criminal stalking is justifies and moralized in the name of love. But No is never No for our hero because “zubaan pey na matlab dil pey haan” concept.

And then one day by fighting some ‘gundas’ or stalkers, he would our heroine’s heart and then their beautiful love story begins. Then comes a must have and very unnecessary ITEM song where a woman dances with very minimal colthing, with disgusting/vulgur/gross verses of the item song.
The heroine’s father is initially very much against their marriage but after 25-30 scenes our hero finally wins his heart, his family’s heart, his neighbours heart- in short everybody’s heart and becomes the official “SON” of the family (even more than their actual son).

AND congratulation you have successfully wasted  two and half hours of your life.