The public has understood that there is a need for change: Sachin Pilot

Frantic campaigning and a call for change follows the first phase of the Bihar polls.

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Sachin Pilot speaks to ANI  Source: ANI














Amidst frantic campaigning by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, the Congress leader Sachin Pilot commented saying that Nov. 10 would see a Magathbandhan win by a “thumping majority”. He criticized the Chief Minister of a history unsatisfactory communication through his term and pointed out that the public wants change.

“This time people voted for change and development. The feedback I am getting from my party candidates and workers clearly indicates that CM Nitish Kumar won’t be able to retain his position after November 10. BJP-LJP will form a new government in Bihar,” said Chirag Paswan, LJP.

In his campaign earlier today, CM Nitish Kumar had stated that PM Narendra Modi would make Bihar a “developed” state if NDA was voted back to power. He reminded the public of the projects the Centre had taken on in Bihar as he urged them to vote.

In the immediate aftermath of the Bihar floods, that left close to 17 lakh people affected in 16 districts, the Nitish Kumar government had said it had disbursed Rs 1,000 crore to bank accounts of 20 lakh people across the state — Rs 6,000 was given per family to help them tide over the crisis. With the polls near, the government would have hoped this would also help it tide over public anger. Only, not everyone got the money, Indian Express reports. 

Edited by Rupsha Chatterjee