The Problem with Apu: Indian character on The Simpsons not being axed

By Eetika Kapoor 

You may know him as the stereotypical Indian on the American television series The Simpsons which is now 20 years old.

The controversy began when Hari Kondabalu, a stand-up comedian from Brooklyn made a viral documentary titled “The Problem with Apu”.

He bashed the K-Mart owner Apu’s character which had lead to negative stereotypes, micro-racial aggression and slurs against people of Indian and South Asian heritage.

The white actor artist Hank Azaria, who voices Apu himself confessed that he was ready to quit if the character hurt any sentiments of South Asians in the America.

The recent row was that Appu was being axed from the television series but a senior writer Al Jean later discredited the rumor by YouTuber Adi Shankar.

Can Apu’s character be improved?

The popular opinion holds many solutions. Them being- recast Apu’s voice, hire more diverse writers and some even suggest to end The Simpsons. After all, the show has been on air for 20 years.

The Problem with Apu thus remains unresolved and silently screaming to get attention.