The new cricket rule changes coming into effect from September 28

The changes have come as a respite for bowlers and will hugely impact the game which off late had become batsmen friendly.

Finally International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to bring in much needed changes in the rules of cricket. Following are the major rule changes which will come into effect from Thursday 28/9/17.


  • Teams can name six substitutes in test matches.
  • The handled-the-ball dismissal is now included under the obstructing-the-field category.
  • Like Football, cricketers can now be sent off the field by the umpire for serious misconduct. This will apply to most Level 4 offences, with Level 1-3 offences continuing to be dealt within the ICC Code of Conduct.
  •  The thickness of the edge can be no more than 40mm and the thickness of the bat must not exceed 67mm at any point. Umpires will have a gauge to check bats in order to meet the new regulations.
  • Teams will not lose the review if the DRS decision remains unchanged due to it showing umpire’s decision.
  • In T20 internationals, if an innings is reduced to less than 10 overs, the maximum quota of overs per bowler shall not be less than two: meaning that if a match is reduced to five overs a side, two bowlers will be able to bowl two overs each.

By ANAB (Swalla)