The appeals will not affect the J&K HC’s decisions about the Roshini Act : SC

As the Roshni Act beneficiaries point to the recent appeals by the J&K administration SC rules out that it shouldn’t affect the larger process.

Source : PTI

The Supreme court said that the Appeal by the J&K government would not affect J&K HC’s decision on reviewing the petitions against Scrapping of the Roshni Act.

Recently, As the J&K administration on the one hand took a U-turn shifting its position on the repealing of the Roshni act and appealed to the J&K High court seeking modifications in the High Court, it nevertheless stopped its accusations on the beneficiaries of the Act.

The beneficiaries of the now-nullified Roshni Act, has moved to the Supreme court about the Jammu and kashmir administration’s actions regarding displaying their names in public and claiming their voice was shunned in the process.

In October, the Roshni Act was declared as “illegal, unconstitutional and unsustainable” by the High Court. It also asked the government to make the names of prominent beneficiaries out in public.   

There are diverse opinions about this act which says that the repealing of this act by the J&K government is aimed at changing the social demography and it is selective towards the muslim community.

The Roshni Act became controversial after the 2014 report released by the CAG which indicated a 25,000 crore rupee scam.

By Nacchinarkkiniyan.M