Thailand flash floods kill five

Source: Bankok Post

BANGKOK, Dec 3: Five people died in Thailand after flash floods caused by monsoon rains hit seven provinces in the country’s southern region today, as per Reuters.

All the deaths happened in the Nakhon Si Thammarat province, according to the authorities.

Staff of a hospital was seen piling up sandbags outside an emergency room to stop the water from gushing in.

People were seen paddling or pushing motorcycles through thigh-deep water. Whereas, some residents, including a Buddhist monk, rowed boats through commercial areas where children used to play.

The impacted region is home to Thailand’s rubber plantations and account for the majority of the world’s natural rubber supply.

On Thursday the Rubber Authority of Thailand said that it will pay affected rubber farmers 3,000 baht ($99.34) if the flood damaged more than 20 rubber trees in their plantations.

The floods started a week ago but had receded by Thursday, according to the Interior Ministry. More than 255,000 households in seven of the southern provinces have been affected.

Source: Reuters
Edited by: Sanskriti Falor