Tamilnadu: Check dams across Palar to help Recharge Groundwater

For residents staying at Vayalur and the villages nearby , it is a sight to behold the continuous , dry river Palar brimming with water for a stretch of 4 km upstream from the state’s first check dam across the river.

The newly built check dam constructed at a cost of 32.5 crore  at vayalur, which is about 500m upstream from the confluence point of the river and bay of Bengal, filled up following a three day continuous rain in the last week of October.

Similarly the check dam across the river at Esur Vallipuram has already filled for 3.1 km upstream. These dam was constructed 160 years after the Palar Anicut, it was built near Walajapet in Vellore District.

The sur plus water is reloading in the downstream areas since November 1. “This is the first time , I am seeing rainwater stored for kilometers in Palar. We have no words to describe as we have been fighting for the check dam for for several years,” said Krishnaraj, a farmer of Ayyapakkam village, Tiruvallur District.

“ In a borewell dug up in the village, the water level has risen by 20 feet in a couple of days. The quality of the groundwater has also improved and the salinity has dipped drastically. “Earlier, the the groundwater level stood at 40 feet. When we dug up a borewell on Tuesday, we found water at 20 feet itself,” said by Venkataraman, Social Activist.

“The structures will rejuvenate aquifers for six to seven km on either side of the riverbed and also prevent intrusion of seawater” said by Officials of Public works department.