Taliban Attack on Jaghori District of Afghanistan

Source: https://c.tribune.com.pk/2016/01/1029526-_del-1453056841-204-640x480.jpg

Local authorities have confirmed an attack by Taliban this morning.

Mohamed Arif Noori, Ghazni provincial speaker said, “The clashes continued till 10 AM.” He also added that three policemen have been killed and five policemen including General Bashe Habib, have been wounded.





Last night at around 3 am, Taliban entered the Jaghori district in Ghazni province. They held a meeting with local and village leaders and demanded to take control over the whole district. When the villagers objected, the clashes ensued.


last night around 3 am at night Taliban has entered in Jaghori district from border side. They held a meeting with local and villagers leaders, the Taliban demand to take over the control of whole district, but the people refused & now the war is continuing
As a consequence of the recent Taliban attack, Ghazni provincial representatives met with Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of Afghanistan, at the national and provincial council.