Sri Lanka’s Baby Farms: Minister admits to illegal adoption trade.

Chennai: Sri Lankan authorities have admitted that thousands of babies born in the 1980’s were fraudulently sold from adoption. This revelation came in the form of statements made in a Dutch documentary.
Up to 11000 babies might have been illegally sold, with both parties having been provided fake documents. Some were reportedly born into ‘baby farms’ that sold children to the West. Close to 4000 children are believed to have been sold to families in the Netherlands, with others sold to families in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and the UK.
Sri Lanka’s health minister told the Dutch current affairs show ‘Zembla’ he would set up a DNA database to help children find their birth mothers. The Dutch filmmakers from ‘Zembla’ started looking into the adoptions after the Dutch Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles advised the government in November 2016 to consider banning foreign adoptions because of unethical practices in some of the children’s origin countries.
The Dutch State is looking further into the allegations and attempting to reconnect adopted children with their birth mothers.

(Kamakshi Gupta, The Newsroom agenda)
Feature Image courtesy: Getty Images