CBSE drops passage from English exam after receiving flak

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) on Monday, dropped a comprehension passage in its class 10 English exam, that was flagged off in parliament, by Congress leader Sonia Gandhi as having a, “ shockingly regressive” view on women.

Sonia Gandhi raises concern over a passage in the CBSE class-10 paper

The English language and literature paper of the class 10 board examination conducted by the CBSE contained a comprehension that spoke of how “It was only by accepting her husband’s sway that she could gain obedience from the young. The decision might be hers but the unpopularity was his, the more easily borne in that he might not be there. To precepts about subordination, she has thus added the potent force of an example. Children and servants were in this way taught to know their place.”

Comprehension passage given by CBSE

This was just one part of the controversial comprehension to which the students were asked to attempt multiple questions. Hence, the government was asked by Sonia Gandhi to “immediately withdraw this question, issue an apology and conduct a thorough review.”

A few hours after the matter was raised in parliament by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the board conducting the exam issued a notice asking all students who attempted the question to be awarded full marks.

The issue drew a lot of flak and a notice from The Delhi Commission of Women to provide a detailed action report in this regard within 72 hours.