Smog is back in Mumbai, Air quality recorded worst today

The city recorded severe pollution levels as the meteorological department says the condition will continue for another day. The Mumbai skyline is wrapped in a haze. The city woke up to a smoggy day with citizens on their way to work complaining of burning eyes and difficulty in breathing.

Pollution levels at Bandra were the worst last night. It was recorded 405 at 10:30 PM and is was recorded 400 at 10:30 am. PM10 levels over 400 affects healthy people while seriously impacting those with existing respiratory illnesses. People tweeted pictures showing a dull sky behind thick smog.



The meteorological department has said stagnant winds, cloud cover and high humidity are the reasons for the spike in pollution levels for the last 48 hours. But it is expected to improve from Wednesday evening.

Officials from System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) said this afternoon that there is a western disturbance which is pulling in a lot of moisture, but as the sun comes up, heat would reduce moisture and pollution levels, thereby improving air quality.
Mumbai last saw pollution levels like today’s after Diwali last year, when the AQI levels touched 400. Pollution levels between 51-100 is considered satisfactory, 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 is poor, 301-400 is very poor and over 400 is severe.