Gurugram forced to go meatless during Navaratri

Image Source: Catch News

Chennai: On the first day of Navaratri on Wednesday meat shops across Gurugram were forced to pull their shutters by Sanyukt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti (SHSS). The SHSS is a group of 22 local units of right-wing organizations.

A member of the SHSS claimed, “We had met with the administration and said that the meat shops in Gurugram should be shut during Navaratri. We had demanded that these shops should be closed for nine days. But, the administration did not take any notice and hence, we are on the streets to close these shops. We are requesting people to shut down their shops. If they do not, we will force them to close their shops. If there is any law and order problem, then the administration is responsible for it.”


A shopkeeper alleged that he was forced to close his shop by a group of men. When he did not pay heed to their threat, they made sure he was taken care of and he was thrashed by them.

Another shopkeeper said that they the administration did not send them any order in this regard. He stated, “These organizations had earlier said that they do not have any problem. But now, they are forcing us to close our shops. We have not received an order from the administration requesting us to shut down our shops. But if it comes, we will close our shops in these nine days.”

Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Vinay Pratap Singh, said that strict action will be taken against those who tried to forcibly shut down the shops. “The municipal corporation is doing their routine exercise on cracking down on meat shops. Such incidents should not be connected to Navaratri. If anyone tries to forcibly close any shop and take the law into their own hands, it is an offence and strict action will be taken against such people,” he added.

Last year, the local unit of the Shiv Sena activists took to the streets of Gurugram , closing down meat shops for the Navaratri festival.

Source: ANI