Sarkar controversy cleared; Varun Rajendran comes in terms with A.R Murugadoss


Chennai: The Madras High Court has finally settled the battle of ownership for the movie Sarkar and has announced that AR Murugadoss and the complainant Varun Rajendran have come in terms with each other after. This was achieved by the mode of Out of Court compromise where Varun has been told by the filmmaker A.R Murugadoss that he will be given credits for the movie Sarkar after which the court has concurred to close the case.

Varun Rajendran has a solid evidence that he has written a similar script 10 years ago which he named “Sengol” and registered it with South Indian Film Script Writers’ Association. His story also follows the same storyline where a foreign return lawyer comes to find out that his vote has been stolen which is exactly the same as seen in “Sarkar” trailer by a strange coincidence. When he appealed to the Writers Association, The president K. Bhagyaraj the well known Director-actor took a look at the Sarkar script and confirmed the claims to be true after which Varun filed a case in the High court claiming for a stay for the film’s release unless his name will be quoted and given credits.

Now the entire controversy is settled after K Bhagyaraj Intervened and instructed AR. Murugadoss to give credits for the budding assistant director who has written a similar script 10 years ago for which AR Murugadoss adhered to. He also shared a video message of the same in his twitter handle.

Now Sarkar is out of all the controversy waves and is all set to hit the screens on Diwali.