Sanjay Kak- A dissident who uses art to encapsulate injustices and discrepancies prevalent in society


Multifaceted Sanjay Kak uses different art forms and mediums to throw light on topics revolving around the environment, political dissent and human rights – that many a time go unnoticed. Sanjay Kak is somewhat like Robert Frost- he took the road less travelled but brought his camera along.


Sanjay Kak is an independent documentary film-maker with interests in ecology, alternatives and resistance politics. His films include Red Ant Dream(2013) about the persistence of the revolutionary ideal in India, Jashn-e-Azadi(2007) about the idea of freedom in Kashmir, Words on Water (2002) about the struggle against the Narmada dams in central India, and In the forest hangs a bridge (1999), about the making of a thousand foot bridge of cane and bamboo in north east India.

His film work also includes One Weapon (1997), a video about democracy in the 50th year of Indian independence, and twinned films on the theme of migration, looking at people of India

n origin in the fringes of the city of London in This Land, My Land, Eng-Land! (1993) and in post-apartheid South Africa in A House and a Home (1993). Sanjay is the editor of Until My Freedom Has Come – The New Intifada in Kashmir.

The themes depicted in Kak’s films are complex and mostly disturbing, not only for those experiencing them but also for the viewer. Yet Kak is able to show and create great warmth and empathy for all those involved at the same time as highlighting their very real problems and struggles. In Jashn-e-Azadi, for example, a young Indian army soldier on guard at his post, frozen in his sniper position, appears to be watching the film with us: questioning his role in the conflict.