Samsung to showcase world’s first foldable smartphone

Meera Kalyani

In an effort beat growing smartphone company Huawei, Samsung will soon be showcasing the world’s first foldable smartphone

“When it’s open it’s a tablet, offering a big screen experience … When closed, it’s a phone that fits neatly inside your pocket.” Samsung’s Justin Denison introduced the Infinity Flex display technology at the company’s developer conference on Wednesday.

Foldable phones hold the promise of allowing consumers to do more complex work that would normally be done on a tablet or laptop, but with a device that becomes far more compact.

The South Korean tech giant is among a handful of firms which have flagged that foldable phones will be coming to market soon. Although it has so far been mum on exactly when, analysts expect a launch date in the first half of 2019, any later and Samsung would run the risk of new Apple phones stealing its thunder .

China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has also said it is planning to launch a 5G smartphone with a foldable screen in mid-2019.

In addition to the Galaxy X foldable smartphone we believe Samsung may also work on a Galaxy foldable tablet