Salman Khan Row: BJP Leader Opposes Maharashtra Govts.’ Plan to Rope in the Actor

BJP Leader Ram Kadam, Source: India Today

Ram Kadam clarified that they did not have a problem with the actor but rather the way he was being brought in.

Mumbai: BJP leader Ram Kadam termed the Maharashtra government’s plan of roping in Salman Khan to raise Covid-19 Vaccination awareness, a ‘polarising stunt’ on Wednesday. He added that the State Government was trying to attract a specific community.

“Although people across the country took part in the massive COVID-19 vaccination drive and most of them have been vaccinated and cooperated well, so is it a polarisation stunt by MVA and its partner Congress to polarise people,” he reiterated.

The BJP leader clarified that the party particularly does not have a problem with Salman Khan, “but the way in which he is being brought, raises questions.”

Earlier today, Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that the state government is in talks with religious leaders and celebrities like Salman Khan to raise awareness on COVID-19 vaccination.

While speaking to ANI, Tope said, “In order to get more people vaccinated, we will be getting religious leaders, celebrities to create awareness on vaccination. We are also in talks to bring onboard celebrities like Salman Khan for the awareness drive.”

Source: ANI | Written by Rohini Roy