Sabrimala: Kerala HC dismisses petition against implementing SC judgment on entry of women

Credits: Live Law India

The Kerala High Court, today, dismissed a petition filed by National Ayyaappa Devotees Association and few others against the implementation of Supreme Court’s judgment permitting entry of women of all age groups to Sabarimala temple.

A petition was filed in Kerala High Court stating that the Supreme Court judgment was merely ‘declaratory’ in nature without obligating the State Government to implement the same. The petition also said that the PIL in Supreme Court was not filed by devotees.

The Division Bench of Justices P R Ramachandra Menon and N Anilkumar held that the High Court cannot examine the scope and correctness of the Supreme Court judgment. The Division Bench also noted that the petitioners have already approached the Supreme Court filing a writ petition seeking to set aside the Sabarimala judgment.

The Court also noted that the petition had technical defects as only one of the eight petitioners had attested the pleadings in the petition.

The Supreme Court on September 28 this year ruled that women of all age are allowed in the temple causing widespread protests by devotees all across the state.

Protestors outside Sabarimala temple. Photo: PTI

Credits: PTI

A woman pilgrim, a cameraman of a Malayalam television news channel, was allegedly attacked yesterday as she tried to enter the temple, suspecting her to be of menstrual age. The devotees surrounded Lalitha Ravi, 52, but she was escorted out by the police and also had to show her Aadhar card to prove that she did not fall in the “traditionally barred” age.