Rohingya refugee crisis worsens amidst discussions in UNGA.

The Rohingya refugee crisis took a sharp turn at United Nations General Assembly as India, Bangladesh and Myanmar have engaged in diplomatic talks.

Sunayana Biswas
With inputs from News Agencies

New Delhi, September 20

On Tuesday morning,  Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s leader of  National League of Democracy,  explained at the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) that the Rohingya crisis is a ‘complex humanitarian issue’ which cannot be solved overnight. However, the refugee situation in the neighbouring Bangladesh and India has worsened due to several Rohingyas trying to flee the state sponsored torture.


Kazi Reazul Haq, the head of National Human Rights Commission said that Rohingyas fleeing into the country in the past three-and-a-half weeks have created a  crisis, with the refugees facing acute shortages of all amenities such as shelter, food, sanitation and clean water. They face the constant threat of deportation, as Bangladesh’s economic conditions makes it difficult to provide for the refugee Rohingyas. The country has refugee camps emerging from every corner to accommodate the influx.

The Supreme Court of India recently declared that the government had the right to refuse residence to the Rohingyas, terming them as ‘illegal’ immigrants. The Government told the Supreme Court that some of them were part of a ‘sinister’ design of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and terror groups such as the ISIS, whose presence will pose a ‘serious national security threat’.

The Centre is concerned that some Rohingyas have settled in various parts of India from where it is very difficult to deport them. Further, the government has shrouded the crisis in a garb of ‘national security’, citing the growing incidents of terrorism in Myanmar and India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his recent talk in Myanmar, assured the country to work on the counter-terrorism methods because both countries are facing serious problems of terrorism.

With the rise in violence in the Rakhine area, Jaish e Mohhamad, a Pakistan based terrorist organisation has emerged in support of the Rohingyas, claiming that they are against the policies of Suu Kyi and Modi. They also declared that they would recruit their Rohingya brothers for Jihaad.