Rising cyber crimes in Uttar Pradesh

Shristy Raj

Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of cyber crimes related to the  transmission of  sexually obscene acts in electronic form with 3423 cases, revealed the National Crime Record Bureau, 2020. 

The number has shown an increasing trend in the cases being registered for the past three years.  

NCRB 2020 data suggests that sexual misconduct in electronic form has been recorded even higher than economic fraud cases (2411) in the digital space in Uttar Pradesh. 

Cyber crimes related to the transmission of sexually obscene acts in electronic form with by Shristy Raj

Shivendra Singh, Ex Indian Revenue Service, Income Tax Department of Uttar Pradesh said that there is lack of strong policing, administrative procedures, irresponsive courts of law, weak government policies and lack of awareness programmes to catch the criminals which encourages them to do more such crimes. He pointed towards the sharp rise in the number of smartphone usage without proper education or basic understanding of it. The employment rate in the last few years could be a determining factor for the increase in cases being registered, he added. 

According to the Customer Management Report (CMR) of 2018 Uttar Pradesh leads in mobile subscribers, 15 percent of handsets in India are being used in the state.

He said, “Psychological factor of the victim comes into play while initiating the process of registering. The victim feels cheated so does not want to report what has happened, which leads to the underreporting of such cases.” 

He said that in the past three years the other crimes for instance murder and kidnapping has shown a decresse in its numbers which indicates that there has been a divergence from other crimes to cyber crimes in the UP.

 UP recorded (3779) murder cases in 2020 which was (4018) in 2018 and (12913) cases of kidnapping which was (21711) in 2018.

 A journalist based in Uttar Pradesh said, “ There is a culture of sexism that favours men and that is the reason why people get away with it. It’s the culture that starts from the time when the person is born, men are not taught here how to behave with women.”

She said that  men in most states of north India feel entitled and are not ready to take  accountability for the crime committed. She correlated the rise in cyber crimes transmitting  sexually obscene acts with the rise in number of rape cases in Uttar Pradesh to show that the culture of sexism prevails in the state. 

The total rape cases (2423) and gang rape cases (271) being registered are second highest in Uttar Pradesh after Rajasthan. 

Sidharth, spokesperson of Aarambh India , an online portal that works on online safety said, “UP has a large amount of at-risk population.” He said that if someone is a first time user of the smartphone the chances of making a mistake are high because the resilience is low, the knowledge capital is low.