earthquake in taiwan



earthquake in taiwan

More than 24 hours ago Taiwan had witnessed a 6.4 magnitude earthquake which banged the east coast and caused a lot of damage. when the rescue workers felt another rattle at late Wednesday while the city of Hualin witnessed another earthquake of 5.7 magnitude.
According to the Taiwan’s State-run Central News Agencies and figures from National fire Agencies, after the night of destruction settled in , at least 10 people are declared to be dead where as more than 260 people are injured and nearly 60 people are said to be missing.

On Wednesday, other rescuers focus on a residential building where certain parts of the lower floors had collapsed which caused the 12 story building to lean at unsettling 40 degree angle.
The Associated Press reported the outcome of rescue workers gathered around the building, using cranes, excavators, ladders and their bare hands to scrape away the concrete for presumed trapped survivors.

rescuers for the taiwan earthquake

there are concerns which remain on the danger which awaits the city of more than 100000 in the days to come. A 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit almost the same region roughly on Sunday. more than a dozen of tremors of magnitude of 4.5 or higher have shaken the city since Tuesday.
the government on the other hand is expecting more aftershocks and in the next two week