Regional cinema gives Bollywood a run!

There are some amazing movies being made in Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, or Malayalam etc. Have you heard about the recent Marathi movie Sairat? The one which became a blockbuster. But you might have not heard much about regional cinema. There are some really good regional movies out there.

1) Thithi

This film won the national award for best film in Kannada and many other international awards. The director of the film Raam Reddy was listed under Forbes’ under 30 list of achievers. The film is a satire on poverty in India. It’s the film’s realistic nature that makes it stand out. it has been widely appreciated by critics as well as audiences.

I got to see “Thithi” Kannada movie today only. A very good realistic art film. Hats off to director Raam reddy.

— Shankar Shanmugham (@shankarshanmugh) March 29, 2017


2) Bela Seshe

The movie is a family drama which talks about a couple who wants to divorce after 50 years of marriage. The movie revolves around the husband, wife and their three children. The couple rediscover the institution of marriage.


3)Labour of Love

The film has won two national awards and numerous international awards. Aditya Vikram Sengupta has directed the film with no dialogues. The film runs for 84 minutes. The film talks about the fast daily life of a man and a woman. They do not even get to talk to each other because of their busy lifestyle.

4) Praktan

Praktan tells us about human emotions. A woman encounters a meeting with her ex-husband, his current wife and daughter. The movie talks about how one should move on. This is a definite watch for today’s modern youth. She learns about how she went wrong and how moving on in life will be a best option for her. This movie is a mature take on love.

5) Sairat

This Marathi movie is pure romance. The film was made by Nagraj Manjule. He roped in two young actors with no film background to act in the film. Its a tale about two people of different casts falling in love. And how their cast stops them from being together.

6) Aruvi

Aruvi with her wide smile and big dreamy eyes takes us to an other world in the movie. Aruvi grows up in front of us in the movie. She is a child throughout the movie, even after she grows up she is childlike. Her playful nature and her rebel behavior is a treat for us to see. But life puts her in a very tough situation which even the strongest adult will have a difficult time facing. But Aruvi handles her problems without sympathizing about herself. This spirit of her captivated everyone in the cinema hall. To see a child grow if front of our eye and to see the same child suffer in front of our eyes devastated the audiences in the theater. I could see many crying in the theater while Aruvi suffers. This movie is a landmark movie in Tamil Cinema. The debutante actor has made sure that we see Aruvi through her.

7) Pariyerum Perumal

This movie is an anti-caste tale which deserves to be seen by all. When the lines ‘caste and religion are against humanity’ appear in the first frame of a film, you know that you’re in for a hard-hitting couple of hours. The film opens with Karuppi, the dog that’s now famous thanks to the popular number. It’s 2005, and the dog’s looking out at a passing train, even as its trainer Pariyerum Perumal (Kathir) is chatting with his friends nearby. And then something happens — and this is within five minutes into the film, mind you — and we’re moved to tears as tragedy strikes and Karuppi is gone, a bit too soon. And then the movie moves to Pariyeryum Perumal’s life at college and then whole narrative makes sense. This movie adds up to Tamil Cinema’s sensitivity about real issues and Tamil audiences acceptance of any movie which is good irrespective of the low budget status.