R. Savarkar files FIR against Rahul Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi folding his hands in front of Savarkar’s portrait on his birth anniversary in 2015. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ranjeet Savarkar filed a complaint against Rahul Gandhi for his statement that Veer Savarkar had apologized to British at Mumbai’s Shivaji Park police station on Tuesday.


In his complaint filed , Ranjeet said Rahul’s statement claimed that Vinayak Damodar Savarkar — better known as Veer Savarkar — had apologised to the British and written to them to be released from jail.
Savarkar had filed his first appeal for clemency on August 30, 1911, barely two months after his arrival in Andaman. In fact, the Savarkar brothers and Barindra Ghose were the only political prisoners who begged mercy. Savarkar’s first mercy petition was rejected on September 3, 1911.

Excerpts from his second appeal to mercy in 1913

“When I came here in 1911 June, I was along with the rest of the convicts of my party taken to the office of the Chief Commissioner. There I was classed as “D” meaning dangerous prisoner; the rest of the convicts were not classed as “D”. Then I had to pass full 6 months in solitary confinement. The other convicts had not… Although my conduct during all the time was exceptionally good still at the end of these six months I was not sent out of the jail; though the other convicts who came with me were.

…For those who are term convicts the thing is different, but Sir, I have 50 years staring me in the face! How can I pull up moral energy enough to pass them in close confinement when even those concessions which the vilest of convicts can claim to smoothen their life are denied to me?”