PUBG Mobile gets night mode and a new gun in halloween update

The update also brings a new vehicle, night vision goggles, and a halloween theme.

By Deepit Magee

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular games on mobile. With 6 million Indians playing the game daily, it’s no surprise that Indian gamers are excited for new updates.

The Halloween update for PUBG Mobile – version 0.9.0 – has been released to beta users, and it brings the following features:

Night Mode
PUBG fans have long awaited the inclusion of night mode, and the feature will finally be introduced with version 0.9.0. The Erangel map will randomly switch between day and night. Night mode will make it easier to hide, but also harder to spot other players, and should add an exciting new dimension to gameplay.

Night Vision Goggles
To see in the darkness of night, one will need night vision goggles. The goggles will make vision easier in the darkness, but cover everything with a green tinge.

Halloween Theme
Halloween is approaching fast, and PUBG mobile is ready. Spawn Island – the place where players throw apples at each other before a match starts – will get a Halloween makeover. A spooky face will be created when a grenade explodes, and a player killed while using a Hellfire AKM will turn into a scarecrow.

New Gun: QBU-DMR
A game update without a new gun would be disappointing, but this update does not disappoint. The QBU-DMR uses 5.56mm bullets, and will replace the Mini14 on the Sanhok map exclusively as a sniper rifle.

The QBU-DMR rifle

New Vehicle: Rony pickup truck
The Sanhok map also exclusively gets a new vehicle – the Rony pickup truck. It can seat two people in the enclosed space in the front, while two people will have to brave the open back space. Some cars around the map will also come with a music player.

Matchmaking improvement
PUBG will now give users the option to be paired only with people who speak the same language, which is a feature users have been asking for, as it should make team play easier.

Customisable Clothes
The new update will give users the option to customise their clothes. Players will have multiple colour options to choose from when buying or applying clothes to their character. Squads can also have matching outfits.

The new pickup truck

Free Crates
PUBG’s drop rate for free items has always been problematic, with players complaining of repetitive and time-limited drops. Tencent have claimed that crates will now drop more useful items for free players.

Room Updates
Users can now buy an ‘advanced’ room card, allowing them to change weapons, attachments, playzone shrink speed and other such parameters in custom rooms, which players can play in with friends.

In addition to the aforementioned features, PUBG Mobile update 0.9.0 will also bring other bug fixes and improvements. The official update is supposed to go live by October 26, in time for Halloween. PUBG players will have a lot to look forward to while they chase their chicken dinner.