Pollution in Delhi highest in 4 months

Delhi engulfed in haze (Photo Credits: Narinder Nanu)

The situation continued to worsen on Thursday morning, with PM10 AQI hitting the upper limit of 999


  • Delhi pollution levels on Wednesday, highest in the last four months
  • Situation worsened on Thursday morning with PM10 AQI reaching 999
  • Delhi has been declared as the world’s most polluted capital

Delhi pollution was back to its worst on Wednesday, exceeding all the levels reached in the past four months. The haze in the atmosphere was accompanied by a dip in temperature and a cloudy sky.

The world’s most polluted capital faced a prolonged spell of smog in November 2017, causing chief minister Arvind Kejriwal to declare a public health emergency and shutting down all schools.


India Gate: June 2017 (L) and November 2017 (R)


The situation has continued to worsen since, with the PM10 (coarse dust particles) Air Quality Index (AQI) hitting the upper limit of 999 on Thursday morning, and PM2.5 AQI reaching 436.


Delhi’s real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) on Thursday morning (Photo Credits: www.aqicn.org)


“The level of particulate matter, particularly the natural dust particles, has shot up drastically since Tuesday evening. At 6pm on Wednesday the level of PM10 shot up to 382.5 micograms per cubic metre which is 3.8 times above the daily permissible limit of 100,” a senior CPCB official was quoted as saying.