PM Narendra Modi awarded Seoul Peace Prize 2018

PM Narendra Modi honoured with The Seoul Peace Prize 2018. Photo source : TIME

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is awarded with The Seoul Peace Prize for the year 2018. He has been rewarded for his contribution towards boosting national and international economies and maintaining world peace.

The Seoul Peace Prize Foundation of South Korea has decided to bestow Prime Minister Narendra Modi with this year’s prestigious Seoul Peace Prize for putting the contribution and determined efforts for development of national and international economic sectors, for his dedication to improve and boost global cooperation, the expedition of Human Development of the citizens of India. The foundation embraced PM Narendra Modi saying, that he is the ‘perfect candidate’ to be rewarded with this global prize. Our Prime Minister would be the 14th recipient to be accolade with the Seoul Peace Prize.

The committee also praised Modi for his clean efforts to make the government corruption free by initiating demonetization and trying to make it transparent in the eyes of the entire nation. It has also acknowledged Mr. Narendra Modi for boosting the Indian and International economies by crediting ‘Modinomics’ for reducing social and economic disparities between the rich and the poor in the country.


The Seoul Prize is majorly rewarded to the individuals who have taken great efforts and made a mark through contribution in world peace and harmony of mankind. It was established in 1990 to monumentalize the success of the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is labeled as ‘The Perfect Candidate’ for this grand award as he has clearly made a lot of efforts, not only in order to boost India’s economy but also he had a concentrated vision from the beginning to improve several sectors of the country which were needed to be dragged in the spotlight and boosted up like corruption, cleanliness of the country, harmony among the states and with other countries and much more, upon which he is still working with great efforts and vision.