PM Modi meets with US VP Pence in Singapore

Source: ANI

Source: ANI and Edited by Meghana Kurup

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a bilateral meeting with the US Vice President Michael R Pence in Singapore on Wednesday.

In the meeting, Modi said that US and India should join hands to achieve world peace as both countries share the same fundamental values.

” India has always believed that the world is one family and the first condition for that to happen is peace. You must have noted that India has always contributed in a big way for world peace and India’s role is a pro-active one. We would like to work together for world peace, world progress, global economic progress and poverty alleviation which is important for our values,” Modi asserted.

Modi also said that there was  great scope for US and India to join hands in making defence equipment and setting up a defence industry.

Besides touching upon bilateral relations apart from regional and international issues, the two leaders also discussed the issue of terrorism. Pence appreciated the cooperation between US and India on counter-terrorism. He also thanked Modi for India’s cooperation on the issue of denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.


Acknowledging India’s economic progress, Pence said that India is a positive factor in regional and international relations. He recalled Prime Minister  Modi’s visit to the US and expressed gratitude for his leadership.

Modi returned the gesture by thanking President Trump for celebrating Diwali in the White House.

He further offered his condolences on the California wildfire which affected hundreds and thousands of people.


The meeting with VP Pence was a part of the various associated meeting scheduled for PM Modi who arrived in Singapore to attend the 13th East Asia Summit. Modi also gave delivered the keynote address at the Singapore Fintech festival earlier today.