Chennai Mall organises gaming expo

Pheonix market city conducts one of the biggest eSports championship from September 28-30, in Chennai. They will host popular games across different platforms.

Phoenix Marketcity in collaboration with Palladium is organising an eSports championship from September 28 to 30 in Chennai. The ‘Phoenix Gaming Expo’ will host popular games across different platforms, including console, PC and mobile. The eSports championship will include FIFA 18, DOTA 2 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile, with a winning prize pool of Rs 12 lakh.

Registrations for DOTA 2 are open till September 16. Interested players can register by following this link. Online qualifiers for DOTA 2 will take place from September 17 to 20, after which the finals will be held during the Gaming Expo weekend.

FIFA 18 and PUBG Mobile will be hosted with preliminary rounds and finals which will both take place during the eSports championship. Registrations for these two games will close on September 25. These links can be followed for FIFA 18 and PUBG Mobile.

This eSports championship coincides with another one for PUBG Mobile which will start on September 26. The ‘PUBG Mobile Campus Championship’ is open only to college students, and has a winning prize pool of Rs 15 lakhs.

The Phoenix Gaming Expo weekend will also witness the launch of FIFA 19 on September 28. There will be a special event for FIFA 19 where participants including visitors will be able to play FIFA 19 on PS4 consoles. This gaming expo will also have other gaming and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences.


This eSports championship is part of a bigger programme called ‘September Fest’ which began on September 14 and will continue till October 7. The inaugural event was AnimeCon which included events like a karaoke competition, ramen-eating contest, manga lounge and cosplay artists. The month-long event will also have its Korean BeautyCon (September 20-26), and Asian movie screenings (October 3-7).