Pakistan’s role in Amritsar blast exposed

The latest reports regarding the arrest of the 26- year old assailant Brikramjit Singh of the Amritsar attack, reveal that the operation was carried out on the instructions of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) backed organization, Khalistan Liberation Forces (KLF).

On November 18, Bikramjit Singh, a resident of Dhariwal village and co-accused  Avtar Singh, a resident of Ajnala, unleashed terror when they carried out a grenade attack at a Sikh religious gathering that killed three people and injuring 20. The duo, whose faces were covered at the time of the attack, then fled on a motorcycle.

Interrogation by the Punjab Police discloses that the hand grenade was provided to the assailants by a person named ‘Happy’ in Pakistan.

Harmeet Singh alias ‘Happy’ is the Cheif of Pakistan based Khalistan Liberation Forces who has previously conspired to carry out the killing of political leaders and workers including the killing of a Christian Pastor in Ludhiana and Jalandhar two years ago.

On Wednesday, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh revealed that the recent attack at the Nirankar Bhavan was another attempt by Pakistan to revive pro-Khalistan propaganda to disturb the peace and create communal tensions in Punjab and rest of India. He called the blast a ‘terror attack’ and said the type of grenade is one which is used against the armed forces in Kashmir, made in a Pakistan – licensed factory.


“This is the type of grenade which has been taken from other modules. This is the one being used against forces in Kashmir & this is the one that burst. This one is made under license by Pakistan licensed factory & is filled with pellets,” Singh said.


ISI is rolling millions of dollars in igniting pro-Khalistan movement through mobilizing Sikh community through the organization “Sikhs for Justice”, a west-based Khalistan movement that is known for being desperate at mobilizing youths after their failed Referendum 2020 campaign in London.

Recently, the Punjab Police has also arrested key Sikhs for Justice leader, Shabnam Singh, who had been planning to attack police stations and crowded places during the festive season.

Meanwhile, a massive hunt has been launched by Punjab Police to nab the other accused Avtar.