Obesity a bigger risk than smoking

The changing lifestyle is posing a threat to the health of people excessively. Nowadays everyone is looking for shortcuts and ways that reduces workload and this compromise ultimately causes health problem. Obesity is one global issue, that people world over are tackling.


A new report in Cancer Research UK suggests obesity will emerge as the biggest cause of cancer, overtaking even smoking.  The report suggests that if the current situation were to continue, then the change will be reflected in the next 25 years, as quoted by The Telegraph. The cancer research and charity is now initiating a campaign to raise awareness regarding the newly found link between obesity and cancer.

Britain was named as the most overweight nation in Western Europe. In the UK, it has been predicted that by 2025 there will be a drop in smoking by four percentage points to 22 per cent, but a similar percentage increase will be recorded in weight gain. “The decline in smoking is a cause for celebration. It shows how decades of effort to raise awareness about the health risks plus strong political action including taxation, removing tobacco marketing and a ban on smoking in indoor public places, have paid off,” Linda Bauld, a prevention expert at the charity said

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“But, just as there is still more to do to support people to quit smoking, we also need to act now to halt the tide of weight-related cancers and ensure this projection never becomes a reality,” she added.

Steps like a ban on advertisements promoting junk food, among others, are being suggested by the charity in order to curb the problem at the nascent stage.

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In India, according to a 2012 report in The Lancet as quoted by Medical News Today, breast cancer is one of the most common problems among women here.

Edited by : Pragya Garg