No More Gaming After 10 pm in China

Gamers at an internet cafe in Fuyang, China | Courtesy: Reuters

The six-measure proposal is to curb video game addiction among minors.


  • China introduces six measures to curb video game addiction.
  • Ban on minors to play online games between 10 pm and 8 am.
  • Time limit to play games for minors introduced.

China has announced a ban on online gaming after 10 pm for minors to curb video games addiction. The announcement was made by the General Administration of Press and Publication, an administrative agency responsible for regulating and distributing administrative agency responsible for regulating and distributing news, print and Internet publications.

Chinese news agency Xinhua Net had reported it on Tuesday.

The country has come up with a six-measure proposal to target video game addiction in minors. The first measure is to implement a real-name registration system in online games with real names and phone numbers. Currently, children use their parents’ names and numbers, making it difficult for the government to monitor minors.

The second measure will control the duration in which minors can play video games. Minors cannot play online games from 10 pm to 8 am. On weekdays, minors can play for a maximum of 90 minutes and on weekends 3 hours. This measure will not only aim at video game companies but also parents.

Payment Regulation

Gaming payment system will also be regulated for minors. Game payment system will not be enabled for children below the age of eight. For children under the age of 16, only a recharge of 200 yuan (Rs 2,024) per month can be made. For children between the ages of 16 and 18, the recharge amount will be fixed at 400 yuan (Rs 4,048) per month.

The fourth measure is to ensure online game enterprises fulfill the requirements necessary. Industries will be given a deadline to comply with the requirements, failing which they may have their licenses revoked.

Age appropriate reminders to control content, including subject matter and game-play that are not suitable for minors will be implemented. The sixth measure will guide parents, schools and other social forces to fulfill the responsibility of guardianship of minors, and help minors establish correct online game consumption concepts and behavior habits.

A spokesperson of the administration, speaking to Xinhua News Agency, the official state-run press agency of China, stated that the new rules will aim at creating a ‘clear internet space’ and ‘protecting the physical and mental health’. The spokesperson said, “The formulation and implementation of the “Notice” is of great significance and practical role in strengthening and improving the management of online games, effectively protecting the physical and mental health of minors, and creating a literate and fluent network space.”

According to CNN, market research firm Newzoo reported China to be the world’s largest gaming market that accounts for a quarter of the global revenue. It expected China’s total gaming revenue to reach $38 billion in 2018.