New law brought in by Centre to deal with the pollution in Delhi-NCR

The law brought in by Centre to deal with the problem of Air pollution in Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) will come into force with immediate effect.

According to the new law there will be a powerful permanent commission of over 20 members that will look after the air quality management. They will use strict measures, better coordination and research to identify and resolve problems of Air quality index.

Any failure to act in accordance with the orders of the commission will be a punishable offence with jail term of up to five years or a fine up to rupees one crore or both.

The commission will have the power to take measures as and when required, issue orders and direction and entertain complains under existing laws of air pollution and environment. It also has the power to stop activities that can lead to increase in air pollution.

By- Bhavya Chaturvedi

News source – NDTV