Modi Government is taking away the fundamental rights of the poor accuses Rahul Gandhi

For a better future, we need to respect the rights of every class said Rahul Gandhi.

On Thursday, on the event of International Human Rights day, Notable Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has shared a news piece that talks about the plight of Migrant workers during the lockdown situation.

The report, by news18 Hindi quoted by Rahul Gandhi in his tweet today talks about a survey that was taken in 11 states, amongst the migrant labourers which said 45% of migrant labourers took loan for daily food consumption.

By quoting this report, Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi government is taking away the rights of the poor and he further added that it is also a crime against Humanity. Rahul said For the better future of the country, we have to respect the rights of every class.

Today, December 10th being the world International Human rights day Rahul Gandhi has used it to accuse the modi government. He also used the #HumanRightsDay that has been used by activists across the globe today to focus on the pressing Humanitarian issues.

By Nacchinarkkiniyan.M