#MeToo Update : Akbar asked to keep senior minister in loop about crisis

Image Courtesy : DNA India

The Government has asked M.J Akbar to keep a senior minister from the Ministry of External Affairs in loop about how he handles his sexual harassment allegations.

Akbar had been accused of sexual harassment and assault by 20 women. He had filed a criminal defamation case against Priya Ramani – the first woman to accuse him. Ramani released a statement which stated that she was ready to fight the case.

Before filing the case, Akbar had released a statement denying the allegations which was also toned down by the Minister of State as the first draft was “too aggressive”

Though the Government and BJP leadership have signaled full support to Akbar and his legal team, the junior minister continued to face pressure as allegations against him poured in.

Several journalist bodies like the Indian Women’s Press Corps, South Asian Women in Media, Press Association and the Press Club of India extended support to the women journalists who stood up to Akbar. They also demanded an impartial probe into the charges against Akbar and said he must step down till the probe was concluded.