“Merely because you have political differences, you cannot challenge this”, says Kerala HC

The photo of the Prime Minister on vaccination certificate has been petitioned against and the Kerala HC agreed to hear out the plea since it is a public-interest document

 Kerala High Court hears out plea against the photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the vaccination certificate, on Monday. Justice P.V. Kunhikrishnan asked the petitioners why they are embarrassed with the Prime Minister of their country being posted on the certificate.

An RTI activist had filed this petition, being represented by Advocate Ajit Joy. The concern was about the gross violation of fundamental rights due to the picture. While the court questioned the reason behind such embarrassment regarding the photo, Advocate Joy retaliated pointing out that –

  • The vaccination certificate is one’s own property and not a place for campaigning
  • The presence of this picture can influence a voter
  • There is no utility of the photo to the recipient

However, respondents to the petitioner attacked back that there is no such constitutional violence of the fundamental rights. Moreover, an attempt was made to nullify the very petition by labeling it as ‘publicity interest litigation’.

The Court also stressed the fact that mere differences in political ideologies is no reason for raising a case of this sort. After all, he is the Prime Minister who has been elected by the very people of our country. 

Moreover, there are larger implications to this plea than what has surfaced on the grounds and hence it had discouraged continuing the hearing initially. Proceedings ended on Monday where the Court concluded the hearing with the fact that they shall go through the contentions of the case. If none is found, the case shall be dropped instantly.