Melbourne Witnesses Quiet Streets after 3-Day Long Violent Anti-Lockdown Protests

The protest turned violent as health workers abused and police officers injured

New Delhi, September 23, 2021


Melbourne saw quiet streets after anti-lockdown protests fizzle out after three days. The police officials were seen in huge numbers after around 200 people were arrested yesterday. The protests turned violent as hundreds of people joined the protests and began throwing objects at the police officers. Two officers had got injured during the same.

Victoria recorded a new high in Covid-19 cases with 766 cases on Thursday. This number was 725 on August 5. Authorities had ordered a two-week closure of construction sites and made vaccines compulsory for construction workers. In the light of the lockdown, hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Melbourne three days ago to protest against the lockdown.

Many health workers were physically and verbally abused due to which a vaccination center at the Melbourne town hall had to be closed and would remain shut until Monday.

Australia is expected to vaccinate 70% of its adult population by next month. The country is combating the third wave of infections from an outbreak of the Delta variant in its two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, and its capital Canberra, forcing nearly half the country’s 25 million people into strict stay-at-home restrictions.

Australia’s total infections topped 92,000, with some 61,000 recorded since mid-June when the first Delta case was detected in Sydney. Total deaths are just below 1,200, but still lower than in many other comparable countries.