Marijuana without the high? Liverwort plant might be the solution

Move over marijuana. Scientists have discovered a THC-like chemical compound found in Lumpy Radula, a group of plants in the liverwort family. The chemical compound could provide pain and inflammation relief like marijuana but without the same kind of high.

The mind-altering substance found in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and the perrotetinene molecules from the liverwort family,  have similar molecular properties according to a new study.

Lab tests with human brain cells and on mice revealed that like THC, perrotetinene also easily attaches to the brain’s cannaboid receptors,  or molecular docking stations, dampening the effects of pain signals, reported researchers to Science Advances.

Although the results might seem positive, there is a lot of animal testing and then clinical human trials that are to be done before the drug can hit pharmacies.