Manoj Bajpayee files defamation case against KRK


KRK has always been in news for his tarnishing remarks on Bollywood actors.

Actor Manoj Bajpayee filed a criminal defamation case against actor and self claimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan in Indore court for a defamatory tweet posted by him.

Bajpayee’s lawyer,  Paresh S Joshi, said in a press release that the actor had personally appeared before the court, recorded his statement and filed a criminal complaint under IPC section 500 (punishment for defamation).

The actor however, claims that he hasn’t received any legal notice yet.

KRK posted a tweet on 26 July 2021 calling the actor “charsi and ganjhedi” that deteriorated the actor’s image amonst his fans, claimed Joshi. The tweet was made against Bajpayee’s latest webseries, The Family Man 2.

“I am not a Lukkha and Faaltu in life, so I don’t watch web series. Better you ask Sunil Pal. But why do you like to watch a Charsi, Ganjedi Manoj? You can’t be selective. If you hate Charsi, Ganjedi in Bollywood, So you should hate everyone”, tweeted KRK.

However, the tweet is now deleted.

In a latest tweet, he said that Bajpayee is “obsessed” with him and resonates him with Shah Rukh Khan, aka SRK’s character in the movie Darr.

“Manoj Bajpayee has filed a defamation private criminal complaint against KRK. And in that criminal complaint, his (Manoj’s) statement was also recorded by the honourable court. The next date for hearing is on September 4”, said Joshi to The Indian Express.

KRK has always been in controversies and this is not the first time the ‘critic’ has made defaming remarks against actors. A while ago, Salman Khan filed a complaint against him for his demeaning tweets on his movie Radhe.

By Dikshita Choudhary