Maharashtra Minister calls Kangana “Nachnewali”

Credit - ABP Majha

Vijay Wadettiwar calls Kangana Ranaut ‘nautch girl’ for her comments on Mahatma Gandhi

Maharashtra minister, Vijay Wadettiwar on Wednesday, November 17, called Kangana “nachnewali”, who is not even worthy of taking Gandhi’s name.

Kangana Ranaut stated in a series of Instagram posts on Tuesday that Mahatma Gandhi did not support Subhas Chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh, and went on to criticize his nonviolence slogan, ahimsa, by claiming that offering another cheek brings you “bheek,” not freedom.

Ranaut’s “bheek” remark harkens back to last week, when she referred to India’s independence as “bheek,” or alms, and said that the country’s liberation arrived in 2014 when the Narendra Modi-led government took office.

In reply to this tweet, the minister called her out. He added, “If you spit at the sun, the spit falls back on your face. Kahaan Mahatma Gandhi, kahaan Kangana. Nine out of 10 people talk bad about her. I don’t think she’s worth talking about.”