M K Stalin – The people’s CM

Chief Minster of Tamil Nadu M K Stalin
M K Stalin

It has only been 8 months since Stalin came into power but TN has already witnessed a major change.

Tamil Nadu witnessed a turn of events in administration after the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) underdog M.K Stalin was elected as the 8th Chief Minister.

Some saw him as a replica of his father while others thought what change could a man skulking in the shadows of his family-run party bring? May 7, 2021, was the day everything changed. Attired in his crisp white shirt paired with a creaseless veshti staying true to his southern roots, M K Stalin was sworn in as the CM. 

Swearing-in ceremony of Tamil Nadu’s new Chief Minister

After being the backbone of DMK for nearly 39 years and being overshadowed by his father, M Karunanidhi (former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu), Stalin pocketed the opportunity to lead Tamil Nadu only after the demise of his father in 2018.

The 68-year-old CM stepped foot into the wretched world of politics at the early age of 14. Sitting outside a tea shop with his friends, the young lad formed the DMK Gopalapuram Youth Wing. 

Stalin visits Manali Puthunagar and Vellivayal Panchayats affected by the floods.

The people of TN were caught off guard by the steps taken by the CM to develop the state. The very day he was sworn in, he took major decisions such as issuing Rs. 2,000 to all ration card holders as part of Covid relief, a cut in the Aavin milk price, free travel for women in state-run buses and he brought Covid treatment in private hospitals under a government insurance scheme to support the people. 

M K Stalin’s political journey and the changes he brought about in Tamil Nadu.

Stalin was quite unfortunate as he took charge during the surge in Covid cases during the second wave in May 2021. The people had completely lost faith in the government due to the impetuous decisions taken by the ruling party (AIADMK) at that given period. The misuse of Covid medication, lack of oxygen, inadequate hospital beds and rising death rates was the situation he had at hand. His practical thinking to enforce war rooms and personally keeping track of vaccinations brought the situation under control within a fair amount of time. “He has repeatedly said he wants an open and transparent government, where ministers and officials have their duties, responsibilities and rights defined. This is unlike anything in the past decade of the rival AIADMK government and, so far, Stalin seems to be sticking to it.”  political commentator N. Sathiya Moorthy told India Today.

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The CM also initiated the Illam Thedi Kalvi scheme to bridge the loss of education students suffered during the pandemic. In addition, he renamed the Sri Lankan Tamil refugee camp into rehabilitation homes and said “They are not orphans, we are there for them” and received positive response from them. 

Some of the major milestones in M K Stalin’s political journey

Although he was present in DMK from an early age Stalin, the third son of Karunanidhi, was often undervalued for his work. He was the Mayor of Chennai from 1996 – 2002 and started his pet project ‘Singara Chennai’ through which he brought about changes such as building 9 major bridges and 49 short bridges. He improved the government schools with a view of bringing them on par with private schools. He was appreciated by the people and his work was well-received by them. In 2009 Stalin was the Deputy Chief Minister of TN and moved on to become the President of DMK in 2018. 

Though he started his political career as an underdog, Stalin became the people’s favorite and was voted the number one Chief Minister in India according to a survey done by the India Today Magazine in 2021.