Life,an art of drawing without eraser

Image source: The Hindu



In 2013,a 22-year-old photo journalist was gang-raped in Mumbai, Nitin Yadav was asked to sketch the five guilty men by crime branch’s senior PI Ashok Khot and in 72 hours the Mumbai Police had arrested the guilty.

Nitin yadav has done 4000 sketches out of which 400 had helped cracking cases. Yadav is a police sketch artist who has helped in cracking many high profile cases also, such as ‘The German-Bakery Blast in Pune’ and ‘The 26/11 attack in Mumbai’. He joined Kurla Police Station in Mumbai in 1984.

He was working with maps and name plates in the Kurla police station when a serious crime happened on one particular day. Nitin told his senior police officer that if anyone gave him the description of the suspect he would sketch it and he did sketch the person. And within 48 hours the Mumbai police had arrested the suspect who absconded to Karnataka.On that day it took him three hours to sketch as it was his first sketch.

In today’s date, every police station in Mumbai has Nitin Yadav’s name and mobile number. In 2008, a 23-year-old Patna youth,Rahul Raj had opened fire in a Mumbai double-decker bus. Nitin made a sketch of who were standing where during the firing.

He gives the sketches a basic shape in the beginning, and then asks the suspect to be described by getting to know the age and other features like mustache , eyes , nose etc.

He feels that his observation skill has helped him a lot. He has always been interested in art and psychology since childhood. His habit of noticing everything sharply has led to his passion towards art.

He has drawn images based on CCTV footages.