Libraries After Lockdown; Chennai

Anna centenary library Picture Credits- Stock

CHENNAI, March.11.The Libraries in Chennai was closed on March 25 last year due to coronavirus and was reopened on September 1. In the beginning, only a few of the sections were opened now it fully functioning with 100 staffs members.

Due to safety, the library was restricted to children and people above 60. The books were only distributed by the librarian to the readers. The readers are not allowed to take and search the book by themselves. The OPAC was not available to access to the public people

The lending, reference and reading sections are functioning fully. The blind people are not allowed inside the library due to covid

The library is allowing people only after checking their temperature, people should wear mask compulsory.

The library now will only lend books in a few sections and the sections will remain closed. The library is opened from 8 am to 2 pm on all working days, as the university and college were opened.

They are trying to keep the crowd less, safe and making the people follow social distancing. In the beginning, people were following the safety measure but after days now it was all blown away

The Administration Information manager Karthikeyan said that the staff members are given mask while working to prevent the spread, use of sanitisers and social distancing. But only a few are following the measures. There is a sanitation machine is kept at the entrance for public use. The bags are also sanitized before entering the library. The chairs are arranged to sit with social distancing 

But the people in the corridors are roaming without masks and the liftman was taking the people to the 8-floor building without the mask to other floors. There was less crowd due to the covid most of the people are using the online access portal of the library than an in-person visit.

The avid readers who used to come every day to the library that it is weird that they are missing the search of going to shelves for books and scared to take the books before sanitization