Let’s preach superstition

You approach a person, who is an ‘expert of all’ in your eyes.

The ‘wise’ you: Whether my sister-in-law (Bhabhi) should undergo a ‘brain-tumor-operation’ ?

The ‘expert of all’:  Go and play ludo with your kids and then try a casino, “kripa” will start showering on you.

How does it sound to you? Bizzare right?

Unfortunately, we are living amidst these abnormally normal norms. Elements like religion are amalgamated with politics and then this lethal combination is used to gather millions of followers and spread superstitious beliefs.

SUPERstition is a SUPERpower in India. We have heard of cases where people have happily ended their lives in search of a new life. The point we need to understand here is why we need these godmen in the very first place.

The popular belief suggests that these godmen are the pathway to enlightenment, a medium to connect with God. In this fast pacing world, where the cloud of depression hovers over an individual’s head, these babas come in, claiming to burst it. But that does not help, it is your destruction as an individual who believes in himself/herself.

To win your trust, they will first show you a live performance, that is just like a play, wherein they demonstrate their ‘chamatkars’ using their hired ‘bhakts’. For example, ‘Bhoothakula ritual’ in which they light a devotees tongue or palm on fire. However, popular rationalist Narendra Nayak exposed the truth behind it explaining that “Camphor directly goes into vapor state from solid. It sublimates and has a low flash point, and the heat is at the top. In fact, it hardly burns when placed on the tongue, because of the presence of saliva.”

We need to preach science and awareness, and not superstition. India is the largest scientific manpower on earth but fancy-dress characters can still fool and exploit millions of humans. More fake-face exposers like Narendra Nayak need to be planted into our society.